Long Training Weekend - Day 4

Well, this post is going to much shorter than the others, since I woke up to low ceilings, strong winds, and rain. Not a good combination for receiving flight instruction.

What can you say about Mother Nature? She doesn’t care if she interrupts your weekend plans. Although there wouldn’t be any flight instruction today, I was able to spend some time going through the materials to prepare for my oral exam and worked on reviewing some instrument procedures. Sometimes, the next best thing to being in the cockpit is some good ol’ armchair flying!

Route for Day 4: Absolutely Nowhere!

Cancelled due to weather
Duration: All day long

Of course, after killing time all day, the weather cleared up and got beautiful just after dark. That always seem to be the way it works. Tomorrow would be another day and the weather was already looking like it was going to cooperate. The plans were to ferry another one of Roger’s planes over to Goldsboro, North Carolina and then practice as much instrument flying and approaches as possible before I would head back home to Georgia. It was going to be another long one, so the decision was made to just catch up on some sleep in order to be fresh in the morning.

See you in the morning!