Returning From Nashville

When my weekend plans got cancelled, I didn’t even sweat it. Instead, I made a spontaneous trip up to Nashville, Tennessee.

Originally, I had plans to fly up to Charlotte for some last minute preparation for my instrument checkride, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the trip had to be cancelled and the checkride postponed… again. The plane had already been prepared for a trip, and not wanting to just sit around, I decided to take a trip up to Nashville to deliver some audio tapes that I had to a friend of mine. I made a last minute hotel reservation, but due to the last-minute change of plans, no rental cars were available, so I would have to get creative for my transportation needs for this trip.

I setup all of the cameras in the plane, packed a small duffel bag and set off just after noon or so on Sunday afternoon. While climbing up to my cruise altitude, I was informed by ATC of moderate turbulence below 5000 feet, so I decided to climb a little higher for a smoother ride up at 6500 feet. Just after I leveled off at my final altitude, I noticed that none of the GoPros were recording. Not even one. Oh well, no time to worry about it now; I just needed to fly the plane.

After battling a headwind to get there, I finally reached my destination of John C. Tune airport in Nashville, Tennessee. This airport is considered a reliever airport for Nashville International and is located just outside of downtown Nashville. Just after midnight on March 3, 2020, this airport was literally devastated by an EF3 tornado. Several hangars were destroyed and quite a few aircraft, ranging from small, single-engine planes to large business jets were total losses.

After borrowing a courtesy car and delivering my tapes, I called for an Uber and got a ride to the hotel downtown. Unfortunately, it was late enough that I was losing daylight, so my aspirations of walking around and filming downtown Nashville were just not going to happen. Instead, I ordered some food and spent the evening working with the cameras to diagnose their issues. If nothing else, I was hoping to fix them for the ride home.

The next morning, I checked out of the hotel and caught another Uber back to the airport. After spending a little time getting all of the cameras wired up and in place, it was just a matter of doing a pre-flight inspection and pumping some fuel before heading home. Luckily, I did not have any camera issues for the ride home. For the video, I did omit quite a bit of the boredom of the cruise portion of the flight by speeding up the footage. Instead, I attempted to focus on the more exciting parts of the flight, like the departure and arrival.

I should be heading back to Nashville again in the not so distant future, so hopefully, for my next trip, I will have both flights and I will get some interesting video of Nashville and everything it has to offer. I love that city!

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