About Me

My name is Mark Weinstein and I am what most people would consider burned out. Growing up in Atlanta, I now reside in an Atlanta suburb after a brief 3-year stint in Seattle and 13 years in the Carolinas. Even though I have chosen the computer industry as my primary career path, my interests in photography, aviation, motorcycles, ham radio, and music tend to consume any free time that I might have once had.

I welcome my fellow technology enthusiasts (geeks) as well as anyone else that might want to take a look around my world. Some of the stuff you will find here is news and information, but mostly, it is considered mindless babble to help you pass the time. For the intellectually impaired that don’t want to have to read, you will find a lot of pictures of my travels, adventures, and experiences. Whatever you might be looking for, let’s hope you find it!