It's Time for a New Start!

Well, the time has finally come… BurnedOutGeek.com has undergone a complete overhaul, and this time, it’s gonna stick!

The previous BurnedOutGeek.com web site was originally built back in 2006, and until now, was rarely updated. I’m desperately trying to turn a new leaf. Going forward, I am planning on updating this site on a more regular basis, and will be aggregating from several sources of content. These include:

  1. BurnedOutGeek.com - These are going to be the kinds of posts that you would typically expect from me. I will talk about anything and everything.
  2. TheNomadicGeek.com - This web site is being setup to dedicate to my travels around the world, by plane, train, or car. (I dont walk!)
  3. TheFlyingFoodies.com - This web site combines two of my favorite hobbies… aviation and food! Come experience the ultimate $100 hamburger!

Who knows if that is going to be it. I just don’t know yet. One thing that I do know is that in this ever-changing world that we live in, the adventures will continue and I will do everything that I can to document those adventures and share them with anyone that may be interested in seeing them.