My ADS-B Install is Finally Underway!

ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast, and effective January 1, 2020, it was required for general aviation aircraft flying in most controlled airspace in the United States.

Yes, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. Some older aircraft have no radios, transponders, or even electrical systems. They obviously don’t have the requirement. If you are operating in areas where the airspace is not considered “controlled” airspace, you aren’t required to have it. I, on the other hand, have an aircraft has a full array of radios and avionics, and I live underneath the Class Bravo airspace that is over Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, which means that I have no choice in the matter. I’m required to comply with the ADS-B mandate.

When I purchased the plane, I knew that I was going to have to install an ADS-B out transmitter. I already had a portable AD-B in device, which allowed me to see traffic and weather on my iPads, but the FAA mandate is for ADS-B out. Without it, you are not visible to other aircraft and the national air traffic control system is slowly being brought up-to-date with their NextGen standards.

The Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, is the FAA-led modernization of America’s air transportation system to make flying even safer, more efficient, and more predictable.

“NextGen is not one technology, product, or goal. The NextGen portfolio encompasses the planning and implementation of innovative new technologies and airspace procedures after thorough testing for safety. Through research, innovation, and collaboration, NextGen is setting standards around the world and further establishing the FAA’s global leadership in aviation.”

Ok. Enough with the technical, geeky stuff. The plane just got dropped off to get the Garmin GTX 345 installed. When looking for an ADS-B solution, there were a bunch of different options. Since my airplane already has a slew of Garmin avionics installed, I chose to keep it in the Garmin family to take advantage of the interoperability between the components.

Flight Log

Although I still have a few more days before I get it back, I was able to get a video that shows the testing of the unit interacting with the Garmin GTN 750 GPS system.

A few people have asked me how I have been able to fly without the ADS-B transmitter installed. The FAA does have a way that you can file for a waiver on a flight by flight basis. Yes, it’s a little inconvenient, but it at least allowed me to fly until I could schedule the install. Avionics shops are busy enough, but add everyone trying to get ADS-B installed and you can expect long waits to get on a shop’s schedule.

The install should be done by the beginning of next week, and after the install, I will be having a transponder and pitot/static system check done. Stay tuned for an update!