America's Most Wanted!

Be on the lookout for these two criminal canines! They are wanted for causing chaos in the neighborhood.

If you do come across these canine fugitives, do your best to avoid getting drawn in by their puppy dog eyes and giving in to their sweet, loving nature! Once they have you in their grasp, prepare to be smothered with a lot of love and affection!

In all honesty, in celebration of Valentine’s Day this year, I had these prints designed featuring my favorite pups. We have now had them for a little over two years and they have really turned out to be amazing companions. Although, they do have very different and distinct personality traits. They also egg each other on, which just adds to all of the fun! When we named them Barnum and Bailey, we didn’t realize just how much of a circus it would become.

Being Aussiedoodles, their father was a 52 pound Standard Poodle and their mother was a 40 pound Australian Sheppard. The day that we picked them up at 10 weeks old, they were tiny little guys that would fit into your jacket. Now, they are each pushing 60 pounds each and are never-ending bundles of energy. If only I could find a way to harness that energy to put it to good use!


Barnum is the toughest one to read. He is probably the sweetest, most gentle, and loving animal that I have ever come across. And yes, before you mention it (as everyone else has), the spelling on the poster is correct. It was never supposed to say “felonous” behavior, it was supposed to say “felinous” behavior. Being around Barnum is like having a 57 pound cat. He constantly is circling you, going between your legs, and rubbing up against you. And once you sit down, he is in your lap, or laying his head on your shoulder. It’s insane. But, Barnum also has another side to his personality that everyone gets to meet at first. If he doesn’t know who you are, or why you are on his turf, he growls and snarls and makes himself seem terrifying. But, it’s usually short-lived. Give him 5 minutes and you won’t be able to stop him from getting the attention that he wants. You just can’t resist that smile!


Bailey (or as my father calls him… “Brown Face”) is a big, lovable ball of fluff. He has an amazing personality and loves everyone that he meets. He is wanted for disturbing the peace, because he insists on barking at every car, truck, bus, bike, golf cart, person, bird, squirrel, etc. that passes the house. This really becomes an issue when you have a front door that is mostly glass and he can constantly see when things pass. Get him in the car or away from the house and he couldn’t care less, but when it happens on his turf, he loves to give chase. Oh, and if either of them catch you, all you have to put up with is loud barking, they literally wouldn’t hurt a fly and don’t even nip.

I know this isn’t my typical kind of post, but I love these prints and just had to share.