Thanks to the U.S. Postal Service...

This weekend, I took a trip down to the coast of Georgia, but thanks to the postal service, I was unable to capture any video of the trip!

This trip was supposed to be a shakedown trip for a few things:

  1. Now that the ADS-B system has been installed, I needed to check to make sure that all operations were functioning as they were supposed to. The ADS-B in and out functioned as expected, but there were a few things overlooked during teh install. Nothing major, and all easy fixes, but the AHRS (altitude and reference heading system) needs to be calibrated and setup, and the GPS system was not receiving any traffic and weather output from the system. Since I am a user of ForeFlight, and typically fly with two iPads in the cockpit, this wasn’t an issue and I was able to continue the trip as planned. That being said, the GPS system needs to be configured properly so that it gets that extra functionality. That was one of the major reasons that I decided on this unit in the first place.

  2. I got a few new cameras for the plane and I was hoping to install them and give them a test run. Unfortunately, this is where the postal service comes into play. The cameras and their memory cards got here last week, as expected, but I had also ordered a few accessories that were required for using the cameras in the airplane. One of these accessories was the required audio and power cable, which would have not only powered the camera, but would have recorded all audio from the radios. Without this, it would have been hours of video with nothing more than loud, droning engine noises. Sure, I could have recorded video and put music on top of it, but nobody really wants that. It’s just going to have to wait until the next trip.

  3. It was my niece’s 13th birthday… Happy Birthday, Maddie! It was great to be able to come down and see you, even if it was only for a short visit.

Oh well. The camera accessories are due to finally arrive on Monday, so by the time I take my next flight, I should have all of the cameras installed and worked out. I was really hoping to have it for the adventure this weekend, but it is what it is. Nothing I could really do about it. Stay tuned… video is coming soon!